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The Trustees, with guidance from their professional advisers, set up the Plan’s investment options. How well those investments perform, their charges and other aspects such as environmental, ethical or social factors affect your retirement savings, and potentially our society.

The Trustees have prepared a Statement of Investment Principles (SIP), which governs investment decisions and sets out the main factors the Trustees consider when making their decisions.
  • How do the Trustees decide what investments the Plan should offer?

    The SIP captures:

    • The Trustees’ and/or investment managers’ aims and objectives.
    • Their principles for: 
      • The types of investments to be held
      • The mix between the different kinds of investment
      • Risks, including how these are measured and managed
      • The expected returns
      • Selling investments
      • The extent (if any) to which social, environmental or ethical factors are taken into account in the buying, retention and selling of investments.
    • An explanation of how the default investment strategy aims to ensure that money is invested in the best interests of members and beneficiaries.

Find out more

You can find out more about the principles the Trustees apply to the Plan’s investments in their Statement of Investment Principles.