UK Limited Pension Scheme

Scheme information

The Mercedes-Benz UK (Final Salary) Pension Scheme (“the Scheme”) is a defined benefit (“DB”) pension scheme. The amount of pension you receive in retirement is based on how long you’ve worked for Mercedes-Benz and your final salary.

Your income in retirement is calculated using this formula:

Did you know?

The Scheme is managed by a Trustee Board who work together to act in the best interests of all members and beneficiaries. Their responsibilities include investing assets, paying benefits and ensuring members’ benefits are protected.

Statement of Investment Principles

The Trustee's Statement of Investment Principles sets out the principles that guide the Trustee’s investment decisions for the Scheme's assets. This document provides more information on the Trustee's investment responsibilities, including environmental, social and governance considerations.

» Read the Trustee’s Statement of Investment Principles

Report & Accounts

The Trustees prepare an annual report which provides full details of the Scheme’s funding position and membership, as well as the Scheme’s accounts for the year.

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