Accident Plan

The Accident Plan provides a fixed lump-sum payment (based on a schedule of benefits) when you or an eligible family member suffer a covered injury or undergo covered testing, medical services, or treatment due to an accident. There are more than 150 covered events and there is no limit on the number of different accidents that will be covered. The Accident Plan also covers hospitalizations. To learn more about covered events/services, click here and go to the Accident Insurance video. Coverage is guaranteed for all actively-at-work participants and dependents not under a medical restriction as set forth in the plan certificate. Coverage is portable if your employment status changes. For more information, click here and go to the Accident Insurance video.

John Hancock and Manulife Financial reserve the right to modify or amend, at any time and in any way whatsoever, the terms of these plans, including eligibility requirements, and to terminate the plans completely.