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Welcome to members of the Rockwell Automation Pension Scheme

As a member of the Rockwell Automation Pension Scheme (the Scheme) you build up pension benefits linked to your salary and years of Scheme membership. The Scheme is closed to new members. You can also boost your benefits in the Scheme by paying into the Additional Voluntary Contribution Plans (the AVC Plans). The AVC Plans are:

  • M&G Prudential (open to contributions and including member benefits transferred into the Scheme)
  • Standard Life (closed to contributions), and
  • Phoenix Life (closed to contributions).

The Trustees want to help you understand the investment options for your AVCs in the Scheme and how your choices may affect your savings at retirement. Pension law also says that the Trustees must share certain information about these investment options with you each year.

This site explains the decisions the Trustees have taken about the AVC Plans, as well as the costs and charges members pay, how these could affect the value of your AVCs over time and how the Trustees ensure members are getting value for money. The information is taken from the full Chair’s Statement for the year to 31 March 2019. Remember, how much your AVCs grow depends not only on how much you and your employer contribute but also:

  • how you invest your AVCs
  • the investment performance of the funds you choose to invest in
  • the investment charges that you pay

So it makes sense to find out more.

Pension planning in the lead up to retirement

Watch a presentation on all aspects of retirement

Help with your pension

If you have a question about your Scheme membership, get in touch by:

pn20grey 01707 906030
(Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm)

at20pxgrey rockwellpensions@willistowerswatson.com

To access your M&G Prudential Account go to: https://www.pruretire.co.uk

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